Meet Our Team


Bahia Overton

Executive Director 


Velynn Brown

Early Childhood Program Director

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Leigh Bohannon

Community Outreach &
Resource Manager

Michelle Smith

Sacred Roots Doula & Lactation Program Coordinator

Tamara Mayes

Together We Can Program Manager


Doris Talbert

Home Visiting Specialist

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Stephanie Harvey

School Based Program Manager


Stacey Mingo

Parent Engagement  Coordinator

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Dan Yonker


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Sean Brannon

Director of Finance and Operations

Bobby Bridges Jr. 

Director of School-Based Programs

Linda Bryant-Daaka

Sacred Roots Program Manager

Johari Huggins

Sacred Roots Lactation Counselor


Tyshun Brewer

Home Visiting Specialist

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Jeffrey Showell

Program Evaluator

Freddy Kennedy

Parent Engagement  Coordinator

Eden Mulugeta

Community Health Worker

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"To step back to tradition is the first step forward."

- Mali Proverb