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Sacred Roots Lactation

In partnership with 
Lactation Services​


  • Culturally specific Lactation Consultants

  • Consultants for Black, African, and Multi-Ethnic families

  • We come to your home anytime after you leave the hospital

  • We provide breastfeeding education individually or group classes

  • We facilitate support groups with community partners

  • We provide as many visits as you need as long as you are breastfeeding

What Do Lactation Consultants Do?


We help provide breastfeeding assistance to address common concerns such as:

  • Uncomfortable infant latch on

  • Breast milk supply issues

  • Infant weight loss and slow gain

  • Birth control and Breastfeeding

  • Breast milk pumping guidance to return to work or school

  • Safe breast milk storage guidelines

  • When and how to start solid infant foods

  • Support and mentoring for women in the community who want to become Lactation Consultants

For more information contact Linda Bryant-Daaka at 

We Need Your Support Today!

“One of the most highly effective preventive measures a mother can take to protect her child and her own health, is to breastfeed.”

- Former United States Surgeon General Regina Benjamin

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