Together We Can

About Program

The BPI/Together We Can Home Visiting Model combines relationship-based home visiting with group-based support, education, and community engagement to stabilize and strengthen families.  The year- long experience for families is designed to strengthen cultural identity and practices, motivate parents to attain greater economic stability and self-sufficiency, strengthen parenting and child development, create safe and healthy family environments, and promote the family’s healthy engagement in their community.  Beginning with intensive home-based services, families will receive help in stabilizing their situations and meeting basic physical and safety needs.  Parents and adult family members are supported in re-connecting with the strengths of their cultural roots and identity, and using this foundation to enhance their personal development and family functioning.  Group based services and community engagement are provided to assist parents in integrating and strengthening cultural, daily living, personal growth, parenting, and relationship skills.​​

Program Goals​


  • Parents and adults will develop a (adopt) more positive personal and cultural identity, values, and practices.

  • Parents and adults will engage in daily living and personal growth (self-sufficiency) activities (personal/professional growth and development) that reflect their values.

  • Parents and adults will display more consistent developmental parenting behaviors with their children.

  • Families will attain greater housing and economic stability through established BPI partnerships. 

  • Parents and adults will create and maintain physically and emotionally safe and secure environments for themselves and their children.

  • Parents and adults will enhance the quality and breadth of their community and social connections.


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"To step back to tradition is the first step forward."

- Mali Proverb