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Black Family Resource Center

About Program

The Family Resource Center (FRC) is centered around providing culturally specific tools and resources to individuals and families ensuring success and independence.   The objective is to offer opportunities for goal setting and growth, allowing participants to feel ownership over their achievements.  We are here to work with program participants through short-term and or long-term progress.  Together we will identify and remove barriers to their success.
Through the Family Resource Center, BPI has curated some amazing partnerships and garnered a great deal of community support. Because of this, BPI can provide participating families and individuals with unique experiences as well as connections to additional support systems.
Within the FRC, participants will have access to a range of services and opportunities that are provided through a culturally specific lens.  All aspects of the FRC collectively build positive cultural identity, create a supportive village, and encourage personal growth.  This is done through a variety of small workshops, larger scale symposiums, fairs, special events and unique family engagement activities that will take place throughout the fiscal year, open to all community members and families. 

Areas of Focus: 
While there are many ways a person can be supported through the FRC, the Family Resource Center will focus on these areas:
•    Mental and Physical Health
•    Cultural Literacy
•    Financial Independence & Stability
•    Family (Parent & Youth) Engagement
•    Family & Individual Sustainability
•    Pandemic/Crisis Support

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"To step back to tradition is the first step forward."

- Mali Proverb

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