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At BPI we are committed to restoration, repair and healing for the families we serve.  Our beautiful community has faced many challenges and historical traumas and continues to be assaulted physically, mentally and spiritually by institutional racism and domestic terrorism in this country. This painful fact strengthens our resolve to be a place where Black people can find peace and support; comfort and affirmation.  It is our heart work, but it is also hard work!  We understand what is at stake and we stand ready to support and advocate for the health and wellbeing of our families under all circumstances and conditions.  We believe that we can Be the Healing and a place of solace for our families.  We work tirelessly to be a culturally-sustaining entity for parents and children across the state. This commitment to healing also extends to our staff. Vicarious trauma is real and we know that even the most amazing helper needs help. To that end, BPI will be closed on Fridays beginning June 2022 through August 2022.  Fridays will be reserved for individual and group activities that support health and wellbeing so that we all may be replenished, strengthened and energized to continue our mission.


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