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Bobby Bridges Jr.

Sawubona Program Director

P: (503) 719-1210


Bobby Bridges Jr. has been a youth advocate for most of his adult life. In working in teen behavioral facilities, Child Welfare and his work with the Youth Development Counsel, Bobby has always ensured that youth of color were represented in voice and presents when discussions of solutions, and needs were being held.


In addressing the needs of his people, Bobby prides himself on being innovative. “If the system wasn’t designed to address our needs, then we have to create the design that works for us”. Bobby created and presented the first father’s group to DHS - Child Welfare, and a solution for disproportionate discipline in the education system while with the Youth Development Counsel. Although his innovative ideas weren’t always welcomed, he never shied away from sharing his ideas.


With Black Parent Initiative, Bobby utilizes his innovative thinking and his MSW Degree from Portland State University to tackle the needs of young people and parents in the community with a goal to make ‘Wakanda’ a reality.

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