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Women have complex needs during pregnancy, childbirth, and the months that follow. Sacred Roots Doulas provide mothers and families with consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement, and respect. Our Doulas provide culturally specific care for mothers based on their circumstances and preferences.

A "Doula" is "a woman who serves". Sacred Roots Community Doulas are trained and experienced professionals who provide continuous physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and advocacy support to Black and Multi-Ethnic families during the Pre-Natal, Labor/Birth, and Post-Partum period. Studies have shown, when a mother is supported by a "Doula," she will have shorter labors with fewer complications; and, babies are healthier and will breastfeed more easily!

Doula Services


  • Culturally specific Doula care for Black and Multi-Ethnic families

  • Community baby showers

  • Culturally specific birth education and mother circles

  • Minimum of 4 Pre-Natal visits

  • Continuous support during labor and birth support

  • Minimum of 2 Post-Partum visits up to 3-months Post-Partum

  • Doulas are trained to assist in immediate skin-to-skin and first latch of newborn

  • Doulas are health education advocated and can facilitate communication between a laboring mother, her family, and her clinical care team

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