Doris Talbert

Home Visiting Specialist

P: (503) 284-8000


Doris is one of BPI’s Home Visitors, working directly with families in home to support parents as individuals and support them in building strong interactions and goal setting with their children and families.  She works with parents of all ages assisting them in becoming independent and establishing life skills 


Doris has been working as a home visitor for 17 years.  Prior to that she was a special needs and a nanny and is also PAT (Parents As Teachers) certified. 


Doris is a people person! She loves to give her service to and pours her heart into the families and kids who have been told anything other than they are worthy.  Being a motivator and encourager to anyone she comes into contact with, drives her and gives her hope. She believes this is her calling and purpose. 


In her free time, Doris enjoys listening to music, being with family, and church. She loves to be still, meditate and care for her plants.

"Start each day by speaking positivity into your life."

-Les Brown

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"Start each day by speaking positivity into your life."

-Les Brown